It is hard to define something that has not been assigned a word yet. That task becomes even harder when you realize that there is a lack of that word in this world.

So, what is Heartify? We think of it as a verb, "the cathartic release of the heart through art." But what does that mean?


Put it this way... An animal shelter in full motion, pro bono work from your doctor, a couple adopting a baby or a dog guiding his/her blind owner through life. They all have one thing in common, but that does not make the term common... Heartify.


These moments and situations will not exist without unconditional love. There is something different about work from the heart... For one, it is easily spotted thanks to it not being money-focused. Also, art is always involved in any shape, color or form. It is contagious, it is a movement, it is, oh, so passionate. But how is it different from the rest? Well, it can change a life or it can change the world. Let us explain...


Johnny Cash changed June's world with his love forever, but he also did the same thing for the world with his music. But, even when everyone thought his world was music, he was asked to define paradise once and his answer was, "this morning, with her, having coffee." This comes to show how he never lost focus of his inspiration and how he always remained true to what was real. It was never about fame for him. It was always about bringing change to people's lives with the tools of the heart.


We are something like him. We think of our clients as June Carters, we think of our work as the music and the change comes as inevitable result of that mix.

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