Have you ever thought about how lucky we are to be able to listen to the sounds of the world. Listening doesn't just mean hearing the sounds but also understanding them. Interpreting them.


Life could be perceived as a very long, perfectly-edited video in which sounds are synchronized to their corresponding source. That source, however, is often overlooked.

We keep talking to each other without really listening to what we're trying to say. How many couples spend hours arguing without really communicating. How many parents fail to see what their kids need in order for them to be free. How many governments fail to transmit what's really going on.


True communication takes place if, and only if, both sides carry an open heart. Without it, we're only left with our brain and thinking can only take us so far in life. We need a heartbeat to keep listening to the little things. The things that remain unspoken. These are the things that come in play when humans describe the phrase "love at first sight". It is a short way to say "we could hear each other's heart, right away".


In 1974, a boy named Harold Whittles was photographed by Jack Bradley as he heard an Earthly sound for the first time. This is one of our favorite photographs of all time because it truly speaks for itself. Also, because it proves our point here.


Sound is such a beautiful gift. Being able to communicate through speech involves emotions and... Emotions come from the heart. Your voice can be your hearts'. Whatever you choose to speak of will attract further situations.


This means that, in a way, you are in control of whatever situation surrounds you, as long as your heart is leading your voice...

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